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PURUS AIR I smart air cleaner (Black/White)

PURUS AIR I smart air cleaner (Black/White)

  • Brands: PURUS
  • Product Code: PUR-0001
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  • HK$1,398

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- 桌上型智慧空氣清淨機第二代登場
- 超靜音,睡覺也沒問題
- 搭配app靈活操控
- 智慧模式設定
- 監測空氣品質顯示數值
- 十階段手動調節風量
- 不用換濾芯
- 自由設定開關機時間
- 去除99%pm2.5 和99%細菌
- 台灣設計製造
- 可另購甲醛除臭濾塞、防蚊濾塞、擴香實木濾塞搭配使用
- 完整檢驗認證報告 這裡請

PURUS Air i 本身已有除臭功能,為了加強除臭除甲醛,PURUS特別研發了專用濾塞來強化效能

魔術濾塞有兩種,強化PURUS效能的除臭濾塞和防蚊濾塞 ,只需3秒安裝,建議3~5個月更換新的濾塞

PURUS Air i specifically built for the best air quality!

In our lives, offices, rooms, and study rooms are long-term use. Through PURUS Air i, a small, quiet, and useful air purifier, all kinds of electronic equipment, smoke, bacteria, and allergens can be eliminated, and make our surroundings more comfortable and fresh.

– ITRI spiral corona electrostatic patent technology

– 99% sterilization

– 99% PM2.5 removal

– Effective odor removal.

– No need for filter supplies

– Mobile phone program remote control

– The world’s smallest spiral corona electrostatic patent technology’s air purifier

– Taiwan design and manufacture

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